Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Visit to FoxNews

I happened to drop in on today.

1.  ABC to air at television show called Good Christian Bitches.  Need I even quote from this article?

The dramedy, based on Kim Gatlin’s novel of the same name, will be brought to life by famed “Sex and the City” and “90210” executive producer Darren Star. The plot centers on the life of reformed “mean girl” Amanda, played by “Talladega Nights” actress Leslie Bibb, who returns to her hometown of Dallas to find herself fodder for malicious gossip from the women in the Christian community.

. . .

“ABC’s core viewership is Christian, so the goal of the show won’t be to attack Christianity. Just like the book, this is a show by Christians, for (mostly) Christians, to enjoy a little prime-time self-deprecation,” Los Angeles-based entertainment expert, Jenn Hoffman said.

Uh huh.  Here’s an interview with creator Darren Star in – wait for it – Haaretz:

"Writers, directors, producers, we're all Jewish," Star said. "It's a few years in a row by the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, conceived by David Lonner, who is a very important agent at William Morris, wants to share his love and passion of Israel."

2.  Police Investigate California Girl's Claim She Was Forced Into Arranged Marriage in Pakistan

Jesse Bender, who was found unharmed and in the company of her biological uncle, told police she ran away to avoid being forced into an arranged marriage in Pakistan.

Roxanne Walker, a spokeswoman with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office, told that the teen lived in Hesperia, Calif., with her biological mother and stepfather, Mohammad Khan, a Pakistani native, but Walker said there were conflicting reports on whether Melissa Bender and Khan were legally married.

Walker said the girl was first reported as a juvenile runaway. She said the girl's mother told police that her daughter was upset about having to go on a two-month vacation to Pakistan. Melissa Bender then changed her story, Walker said, when she told authorities that Jesse may have been taken by a man she met on Facebook.

Remember when parents’ standing advice was “stick to your own kind”?

3.  Border Agents Forced to Face Down Bullets With Bean Bags, Critics Say

The U.S. Border Patrol is under fire for allegedly ordering its elite, SWAT-style units to use non-lethal bean bag ammunition before responding with deadly force – even against suspects armed with high-powered semi-automatic and automatic weapons like AK-47s.

The controversy over the agency’s “bean bag” policy began in the days following the Dec. 14 killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and has escalated recently as more information is uncovered in the investigation of the fatal shooting.

A wise man once said:  “A smile, a kind word, and 5.56 NATO FMJ go a lot further than just the smile and kind word.

I’m not sure that keeping up with current events back in the States is good for my mental health.


Elusive Wapiti said...

Re: #1: It's hard to not develop a certain ambivalent attitude about the oversized and overall adverse influence of Jews in our culture when it seems they have a penchance for dragging our culture--and Christianity in general--through the mud.

Re: #2: I saw that too. Two thoughts: First, it is a truism that choice mommies, by virtue of their choice to become one, tend to expose their children (and the children of the man they abandoned) to more pathology than normal mothers. Second, the darker-hued men that white women find so attractive do not always share your (white women's) deracinated sense of cultural and racial equivalence. White woman are valued for their genetics--e.g., fair skin, etc--to automatically assume that a non-white fellow loves you (or your daughter) for your brains or your company is to assume too much.

Re: #3: I have become convinced that our rulers want an open and lawless border. Otherwise, they would have posted the US military down there a long time ago, rather than sending them off as evangelizers for worldwide feminism.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Phi, I have had a terrible time getting my comments through lately. I don't know why - maybe it's on my end - but a very percentage of the time I get error messages when I try to comment here. It happens nowhere else.

I’m not sure that keeping up with current events back in the States is good for my mental health.

Current events are bad for your mental health even if you're still here! :)

(Only half tongue-in-cheek. Quite honestly, one reason I pay less attention to the news than I might is that it's so consistently depressing.)

One forced marriages: it seems to me that Western governments are slowly adopting measures to combat some of what they perceive as the worst elements of Islamic patriarchy. For instance, here in Canada they're setting up some "women's shelters" for Islamic immigrant women and girls to flee to should their patriarchs become too overbearing. It's going to become part of the immigration process that females must be informed that these shelters are an available option.

Whether these sorts of measures will have much effect remains to be seen. I personally think that these Western governments are under-appreciating the power of social shame in non-Western societies.

Dr. Φ said...

Samson: Sorry you're having commenting problems. Trumwill complained about this a couple of years back. I changed the commenting format and thought the problem went away. What are the symptoms, exactly.

I'm not sure I take much comfort at the prospect of spending more tax money fighting social problems created by people who shouldn't even be here!