Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diversity at Work: Cleveland Edition


School officials in Ohio have launched an investigation after a beating of a student was videotaped and posted online, Fox 8 reports.

The fight was recorded outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Career Campus in Cleveland just before the school let out for spring break, according to the station.

Do we even have to watch the video?


Here are the stats on Martin Luther King, Jr. High School.  The “career campus” gets a 2/10 from


Anonymous said...

I put my observations Here

Elusive Wapiti said...

"Do we even have to watch the video?"

No, sadly stereotype is uncannily accurate here.

Dexter said...

Label: "Blacks Behaving Badly"

Anonymous said...

I just checked my high school at and we apparently got 10/10. I thought my school was ridiculously inept when I went there, though I gained an appreciation when I got to college. If my school is a 10, I shudder to think what a 5 (much less a 2) is.

The high school I sub at is a 6, which I guess gives me a sort of idea.