Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Race That Must Not Be Named, Part II


America's Third War: American Teens Recruited by Mexican Drug Cartels

“American Teens”?

No names, no pictures.  But after that “Texas Men” business, does anybody want to take a guess what the real nationality – citizenship notwithstanding – of these drug mules actual is?

The true value of citizenship is that it provides a bright, defining line between “us” and “not us”.  But once citizenship has been polluted, as ours surely has, we’re forced to rely on relatively crude distinctions like “Mestizo”, etc.


Anonymous said...

“American Teens”?

So, um, evidently if you do a Google search to find an image of a generic "American teen", you might not find exactly what you are looking for. I suppose I should take my naive surprise as a positive sign.

Anyway, I'm always curious to learn about the white/hispanic dynamic in the US. I get the feeling from reading Whiskey that whites who don't live near hispanics increasingly live in a white bubble, unaware that that bubble is shrinking.

Dr. Φ said...

Evidently, there is a TV show called "American Teen", images of which dominate Google search results. But Whiskey is on to something. I personally live in a purple state with high taxes and a moribund economy. Our hispanic population has climbed dramatically, but still less than 4%. Indeed, we self-consciously refer to ourselves as the "bubble" or "dome".

The problem is that too many of our residents use this isolation to indulge in moral preening about "diversity". They're good citizens, but have no solidarity with their historic countrymen as such.