Thursday, April 05, 2012

“Hoodies Up” (not the Onion)

From Stars and Stripes:

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- In a show of solidarity for slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, more than 230 students at Ramstein High School wore hooded sweatshirts or jackets to class Tuesday as part of a peaceful demonstration they called "Hoodies Up."

The intent was to show that wearing a hoodie should not make a person appear threatening, said 17-year-old senior Caleb Guerrido, one of five students who came up with the idea of wearing hoodies to school.

Martin's killing also sent ripples outside the U.S., where it triggered discussion in the seminar class of RHS math teacher Phillis Westmoreland-Allen.

Students debated what happened to Martin and why over three classroom periods, she said.

Since wearing a hood is against the school dress code, the students had to get the OK for the event from RHS principal Greg Hatch.

Hatch, who approved the request on condition that they get permission from their classroom teachers, said he told them that hoodies aren't allowed in school for safety and security reasons. If something happens in the hall and a student is wearing a hoodie, it might be hard to figure out who was involved, he said.

I’m pretty sure the writer Gets the Joke.

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