Friday, May 04, 2012

If you close your eyes, it doesn't exist (UPDATED WITH CONTENT).

From the Virginia Pilot:

A complaint about anti-Islamic materials used in a class for officers at Norfolk's Joint Forces Staff College has spurred top military officials to suspend the course and order a broad review of instructional materials across all branches of the service.

You may remember the Virginia Pilot as being the paper that sat on the story of the "Justice for Trayvon" beating of two of its own reporters for two weeks, and here manages to avoid quoting a single source contesting the idea that if just close our eyes tight enough and conduct enough audits, then the West's struggle with Islam won't really exist.

UPDATE: Sorry for the snafu. I'm not as meta as that.


Anonymous said...

Dang. I closed my eyes for a minute, and now my previous comment has disappeared. Now I wonder if it ever really existed.

The Debunkist said...

If it really were a conflict with Islam it would certainly be a great deal simpler that it really is. The fact that our middle-eastern allies are mostly Muslim people would seem to befuddle those who insist that we are in a war against Islam. In truth it's almost entirely an issue of economics and geopolitics.