Thursday, June 07, 2012

Faces of Failure

Admit it:  as an ironic commentary on feel-good-fascism, these t-shirts are really funny:

Tragically, however, for these particular young ladies, the shirts are not ironic.


Reading the Wikipedia article on Prussian Blue reminded me of an observation I had twenty years ago when I watched the HBO documentary, Skinheads USA:  Soldiers of the Race War, centered around the activities of Bill Riccio and his followers.  Said a judge at his 1992 sentencing for illegal weapons possession:

"It is [Riccio's] apparent ability to organize and mobilize disenchanted young white males even to acts of violence that makes him dangerous."

Well, to be specific, Riccio had gathered around him a group of young men who, for any number of reasons, were rejects, not only from mainstream society, but from their own families as well.  Once upon a time these boys might have found a home in the army.  No longer, since the standards of enlistment have climbed as the force has shrunk.  Riccio had turned his house in the country into a Pleasure Island, a place where the “disenchanted” could find some facsimile of love and acceptance, and a set of standards they believed they could meet.  The substance of racism was probably beside the point; they would have been just as happy if Riccio had been a Moonie, or the farmhouse the People’s Temple.

I know that polite opinion is supposed to be afraid of such young men and rush their contributions to the $PLC.  Mainly though, I just see a bunch of pathetic prole losers, perhaps worthy of pity, but not of fear.

This theme of prole loserdom crops up around Lynx and Lamb Gaede.  The first thing I notice is the implied broken home.  Next is the observation that, once they grew out of their roles as the Indigo Girls of white supremism, their lives pretty much went nowhere.  No college or higher education.  No careers.  (If their YouTube presence is any guide, their musical talents are modest at best, although that may just be the low production values.)  No husbands, which isn’t necessarily catastrophic at age 20, except their health is also failing, so their prospects are slim.

I retail this story not with judgment, but with sadness in the knowledge that there are so many people like them for whom the opportunity at a stable, productive life is vanishingly small.


Justin said...

Interesting, I had never heard of them. I guess pretty much every cultural group is looking for pretty young blondes to be their "cultural front man".

The Culture Wars seem to have (d)evolved into a game of "who has the prettiest spokeswoman?".

Heck, even as a victim on the crime pages, you can't expect to get headlines unless you are a pretty blonde girl.

Anonymous said...

Saddly, they also lost the bewb lottery.

Dan Kurt said...

Why do whites defend any other viewpoint except a white viewpoint?

Is it white guilt for being white?

Is it white brain washing by the left?

Do I see Dr. Φ deploring the Nation of Islam, La Rasa, SPLC, Elizabeth Warren, Ad infinitum.

Dan Kurt

p.s. I am not an advocate of the previous, current or future positions of these girls nor of their music. I just wonder why whites such as Dr. Φ identifies with the position, POV of anti-whites so often.

Dr. Φ said...

Justin: I think it was really the music rather than blonde hair. But, yeah, gotta have blondes . . .

Hale: I'm pretty sure these pictures were taken pretty young, perhaps even pre-teen.

Dan: Several things:

1. I would encourage you to browse through my posts and see if you would still characterize me as anti-white.

2. The present post concerns the social class and status of such as the Gaede Girls, not the merits of their case, a case they have in any event mostly renounced..

3. As it happens, I share many of the criticisms of what is wrong in America with such as these. But it is one thing to recognize that Hitler's place in public discourse as the Apotheosis of Evil serves an anti-white agenda; it's quite another to embrace him, a man who invaded exclusively (I think) white countries and declared war on America, as a worthwhile champion of white interests.

4. The Nation of Islam serves the interest of blacks, La Raza that of Mestizos, the SPLC that of Jews. Their goals and activities have been well-documented by others; I have little to add. I am much more interested in exposing the quislings among us. Elizabeth Warren is a mixed bag, as Steve Sailer has documented, and here again I don't have much to add.