Friday, July 20, 2012

Anna Breslaw on the Jews

I’m writing this late Thursday evening, for publication on Friday.  I can’t guarantee that Miss Breslaw will still have a job by then – so far Tablet is standing firm, but these show trials and purges tend to move very fast once they get going.  Already, her prior work for Tablet has been taken down, including the picture of Anna in her Halloween costume:


Yes, that’s Anne Frank.

Miss Breslaw’s essay, which draws not just on her experience with Holocaust survivors but also from the AMC series Breaking Bad, should be read in its entirety for the full context.  But here is the offending portion (H.T.:  Ace):

My father’s parents were Holocaust survivors, and in grade school I received the de rigueur exposure to the horror—visiting geriatric men and women with numbers tattooed on their arms, completing assigned reading like The Diary of Anne Frank and Night. But the more information I received, the less sympathy the survivors elicited from me. Each time we clapped for the old Hungarian lady who spoke about Dachau, each time Elie Wiesel threw another anonymous anecdote of betrayal onto a page, I eyed it askance, thinking What did you do that you’re not talking about? I had the gut instinct that these were villains masquerading as victims who, solely by virtue of surviving (very likely by any means necessary), felt that they had earned the right to be heroes, their basic, animal self-interest dressed up with glorified phrases like “triumph of the human spirit.”

I wondered if anyone had alerted Hitler that in the event that the final solution didn’t pan out, only the handful of Jews who actually fulfilled the stereotype of the Judenscheisse (because every group has a few) would remain to carry on the Jewish race—conniving, indestructible, taking and taking.

I haven’t ever met any Holocaust survivors.  I have known several Jews, though, and I will say that they had this in common:  a massive chip on their shoulder, specifically an adversarial posture towards gentile American culture.

Once upon a time, even Hollywood was free to explore Breslaw’s thesis:  that the Holocaust might have left behind people that were pretty damaged.  But now that discussion has become verboten, even as secular Jewish culture has become ever more hostile and predatory.


Anonymous said...

We get to attack cultures for being hostile and predatory now?

Because if that is so, there are a few that are a bit higher on the list than Jews that I would like to take on.

1. Blacks
2. Non-white Immigrants
3. Moslems
4. Communists/socialists
5. Career politicians

Dr. Φ said...

Well said. In fact, I've written about all these myself. Though none of them are quite as untouchable.

Peter said...

Nitpicking time:
Anna Breslaw did not read The Diary of Anne Frank. No one has, because it doesn't exist. What she actually read was Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

Dr. Φ said...

Wow, I didn't know that. But then, I only saw the movie.

I remember reading, years ago, about some scandal involving her father having edited the diary for publication, removing the bits that would reflect unfavorably on her.

cecilhenry said...

See 'The Occidental Observer'

and Kevin MadDonald's work for more insight into this important issue.

Look up Barbara Specter as a prime example of Jewish involvement in promoting outright genocide of white people.

Yan said...

"I have known several Jews, though, and I will say that they had this in common: a massive chip on their shoulder, specifically an adversarial posture towards gentile American culture."

Can you give an example of this supposed "adversarial posture?" I know dozens of Jews, and your description applies in the most remote way possible to only one, and not at all to the rest. I suspect you go in with the assumption that Jews are somehow your enemy, then pick through your social interaction, looking for things you can recontextualize to confirm that assumption. Or, perhaps, you make your dislike of Jews apparent in your dealings with them, then use their unfriendly responses as confirmation that they hate "gentile American culture."

By conduct, I can't tell a Jew from a non-Jew unless they specifically mention their cultural background. I've noticed in many of my Jewish friends an intellectual vigor, an eagerness to debate, and a certain rye and facetious humor, but none of these traits are universal, or exclusively Jewish.

Dr. Φ said...

Yan: a fair question, and one that deserves its own post. For right now I will write about the Jewish department head of the university at which I used to teach. Another instructor was retiring, and, per standard operating procedure, was going to have a pastor give the invocation at this retirement ceremony. In a planning meeting about the ceremony, the department head said to the outgoing instructor, "Make sure he doesn't mention Jesus."

He was talked down from that position by cooler heads than my own. But some time later he inadvertently gave us a window in how someone comes to think like this. He was telling us about recently revealing to a child that he was Jewish. She asked him something along the lines of, "How come you don't wear pointy shoes?"

I realized too late that this wasn't a joke, that he, a university department head and a colonel in the armed forces in the most philo-Semitic country in history, actually felt threatened by a six year old who once saw The Merchant of Venice.

This is admittedly the right side of the spectrum. On the left side, I counted a couple of Jews as friends. And perhaps it isn't fair that I now color some of the things they said with my later experience, but then that's how it works.

Anonymous said...

DR. I think your example is more a reflection of militant atheism than Jewery. Such anti-Christian hostility is very common in public institutions of all sorts. he was very likely just reflexing the party line for teh Ivory Tower.

Dr. Φ said...

a reflection of militant atheism

Yes, and I realize that, perhaps ironically, Jews for whom Judaism is primarily a doctrinal rather than an ethnic affiliation tend not to go in for this kind of anti-Christian animus. But then, I am reasonably confident that, for most American Jews, Judaism is primarily an ethnic affiliation. This was the case for my department head, who did not "keep kosher" as far as I could tell.