Thursday, July 12, 2012

George Zimmerman not a racist . . .

. . . according to the FBI (H.T.: Steve.)

I wish Zimmerman well, but what bothers me about this whole line of inquiry is that it is attempting to criminalize a man's personal opinions. Racism, in and of itself, is not a crime.

Now, "hate crime" laws are, in practice, an anti-white travesty, but they only apply to actions that are already illegal. The USDOJ is attempting to make an issue of Zimmerman's racial views without having proved that his self-defense was illegal. Meanwhile, the state of Florida has accused Zimmerman of "bias". But here again, bias is not a crime; rather, discrimination is a crime in a number of narrow circumstances (e.g. employment). Calling the police about a suspicious person is not one of those circumstances, nor is self-defense. A man set upon by a hopped up thug may choose to use violent force to protect himself . . . or choose not to use violent force. He is free to make that decision based on anything or nothing at all; what matters legally is that he has been set upon.

Zimmerman, it turns out, seems to be a liberal choirboy, so this particular attack doesn't seem likely to pan out for the howling mob. But it's nonetheless a backdoor way of making criminalizing politically incorrect views on race. Needless to say, I take that kinda personally.

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