Thursday, August 09, 2012

Faggotry Ruins Everything

I see USAFA now has a sodomy club.

I was watching the John Wayne movie The Green Berets.  There is a scene in which Sgt Petersen (Jim Hutton) is adopted as surrogate father by a little Vietnamese boy running around the Montagnard camp.  When Sgt. Petersen realizes the boy doesn’t have a place to sleep, he pulls him into the cot with him.

Ray Kellogg obviously felt completely confortable in 1968 directing this scene without a hint of impropriety or sexual overtones.  It’s kind of jarring to see the scene today, and thought provoking how jarring it has become.  I would be shocked to see such a scene, directed in this way in this context, appear in a movie today.  I think that fact is pretty hateful.


Dexter said...

It was much more jarring in the Green Berets to see the sun setting over the South China Sea. =)

Anonymous said...

Sodomy doesn't ruin everything. I went to a cardio dance class at the local Golds gym on Tuesday. The instructor was the only other guy there beside me (but I was the only guy there interested in women). He really did rocked that class. Gay guys can tell women to shake their asses at him and they will. A straight guy tries that and it is offensive sexual harassment.

Elusive Wapiti said...

When I was a teen, I thought nothing of the beach volleyball scene (with Kenny Loggins' "Playing with the Boys" as background music) and locker room scene in Top Gun.

Now I see that scene and the not-so-subtle homoeroticism is apparent. The joke was not only on America, but on the Navy fighter pilots, for making them all look like peter puffers.

Aphrodite said...

Great observation! Only older individuals would realize the significance of your observation. Forty years of feminism portraying all men as latent pedophiles has isolated men from children

For example, when I pickup my kids from elementary school, the female teachers hug their students. If a male teacher hugged a student he would be charged with sexual assault. Oh wait, there are no male teachers….

Dr. Φ said...

Prof Hale: perhaps "everything" was an overstatement.

Aphrodite: yeah, the normalization of homosexuality is serving the feminist agenda here.

EW: we've discussed Top Gun before. I'm still thinking that the homoeroticism was imposed after the fact. But the interesting thing about the normalization of homosexuality is that it drives straight men away from anything that touches it.

Anonymous said...


(Sorry, but there's not much else to say, is there? I nearly want to nuke the earth from orbit when I hear people impute a homosexual connotation to Frodo and Sam. Or how about Ishmael and Queequeg? Men used to share a bed and to have suggested anything untoward about that would have (literally) been grounds for a duel. Nowadays it is actually, in some instances, difficult for men to even be close friends without inviting gossip. Awful, terrible reality we dwell in.)

heresolong said...

Yep. My buddy and I (both single) have been hanging out together for years. Suddenly I hear rumours that people think we are gay. WTF? Two single guys can't hang out anymore?