Monday, August 06, 2012

Here Come the Trannies.

Transsexuals are now a federally protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  The link is to the OPM hiring guidance, but since the guidance is driven by an EEOC ruling, it impacts private businesses as well.

It’s difficult to imagine Romney appointees making fundamental weirdness a protected class for employment purposes.  It’s also difficult to imagine them reversing the decision.  Without a pre-existing prejudice in favor of freedom of contract in hiring, or in favor of normal sexual behavior, then reversing the policy gets framed as approving of discrimination against transsexuals.  And who wants to do that?

Thus liberalism gets ratcheted up another notch.


Anonymous said...

Answer is easy. Just don't hire anyone. It is now too risky. if the government is so wonderful about hiring prople, then they can hire you.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Reversing the policy would be framed as discriminating against trannies no matter what. But without solid support for freedom of contract or freedom of association in the law and in the culture, it is a waste of time to even try.

PH is right, as usual. The answer is don't hire anyone, and work who you already have on payroll harder.

Anonymous said...

One of the side stories of Atlas Shrugged was the idea that teh labor market had become so regulated that employers and employees were both both abstaining from the formal labor market, choosing instead to work off the books because formal employment had become too difficult and unsustainable. Black market labor filled the void.