Friday, August 17, 2012

Policemen are Cowards

New York’s Finest:


Apparently there was a man having a seizure on the ground, shaking and twitching as passers by watched in horror. However, no one could help the man during his medical emergency because the man’s dog — a pit bull — was being quite protective. In fact, in the video you’re about to see, the dog can even be seen lashing out at one lady who gets to close, biting her pants leg.

Quick, shoot the dog!  No time to wait for animal control or even find a baton!

Except once the dog is down, do the police then rush to the aid of his stricken owner?  No, the man gets to lay there without anyone so much as kneeling next to him while the police proceed to harass the onlookers.  They do this for another five minutes (according to the original Blaze video, which has since been pulled on copyright grounds).

Seriously, why do we even have these people, and get taxed for the privilege?


ray said...

just wait by him til he comes out of it, then re-orient and help him on his way, crisis solved, dog lives

it's a wonder he wasnt arrested for littering and sent to rikers

sometimes i wonder why i bother

Aphrodite said...

It was obvious this dog was forming a protective ring around his owner, an action I admire. The police only needed to back away and give the dog some space and wait for animal control since they had no intention of helping this man before medical services arrived.

Your post sparked my interest in the story and it only gets worst. It seems the dog was shot in the head and survived while the NYPD let the dog suffer. The dog “Star” and was taken by NYC Animal Care & Control to their Cruella Deville Recovery Center. It appears the dog is being kept alive and used for donation solicitations and actual whereabouts unknown.

This dog had more character and honor than the NYPD officers.

If this is how NYPD reacts under stress from a dog what will happen in a real lethal situation?

Unknown said...

The cop was in his rights to shoot the dog. The whole situation is a clusterfuck, but the reaction of the crowd... aggressively seeking the moral 'high' ground, much like the other commentors above, underline the sad fact you all need to be shot.
Notice none of the protesters lamenting the cop's non-use of 'fairy dust', look after the afflicted person either... their contribution is limited to protesting outcomes that don't support rainbow endings.
The fact is, you can't deal with reality.