Thursday, September 06, 2012

Back-scratching, Texas-style

This lengthy Joe Hagan piece in Texas Monthly (HT:  Kathy Shaidle) is a gripping read, not for what it says about Bush’s National Guard service (about which I cared little in 2004 and care nothing today), but for what it reveals about our bi-factional political elites’ penchant for treating public moneys and institutions as private play-things.  Is government in the public interest too much to ask of our republic?  Japan, Switzerland, Iceland . . . these countries seem to govern themselves pretty competently.  Why can’t we?


Mike43 said...

Don't know much of Iceland. But Japan and Switzerland are very much of the "old boy" type of government. I'd hate to think that you're endorsing the same thing you're upset about.

Dr. Φ said...

Yes, Japan is famously corrupt in the sense that a lot fo decisions like awarding contracts, both corporate and government, are made on the basis of personal relationships that are lubricated with expensive "gifts". It's the kind of thing we in the U.S. have laws against, but it's interesting how this article just assumes that this corruption is the natural order of things.

I didn't know about Switzerland.