Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Dominance, Please, We're President

More evidence that President Obama and I are much alike.

I don’t think he doesn’t like people. I know he doesn’t like people. He’s not an extrovert; he’s an introvert. I’ve known the guy since 1988. He’s not someone who has a wide circle of friends. He’s not a backslapper and he’s not an arm-twister. He’s a more or less solitary figure who has extraordinary communicative capacities. He’s incredibly intelligent, but he’s not a guy who’s ever had a Bill Clinton-like network around him.

Steve writes:

Eisenhower played [golf] with big shots to forge personal ties. Obama almost always plays with junior staffers. 

Which I kind of get. Who wants to spend his "me" time with people whose lives revolve around dominating others? Better to play with people who will presumptively defer to you.

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