Friday, November 09, 2012

Bye bye Davie


At least, in general. I was loosely acquainted with one of the members of Gen. Petraeus' personal security team and . . . well, they talk. Not specifically, but the gist was that he was an old goat with a fondness for the ladies.

I got to see him in action. While I was was in Kabul, I sat in a meeting with Gen. Petraeus and forty or so representatives from USAID, USACE, and the embassy. Gen. Petraeus came in, made himself comfortable, and promptly singled out a striking blonde lady (who will go nameless, but she was an "engineer" with the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) down in Kandahar) for a special hey-there-good-to-see-you-again. The woman flushed with obvious pleasure that the rock-star general would remember her from his visit down south several months before. It's good to be the king, I thought ruefully.

Well, the tomcatting finally caught up with him. I can't say I'm sorry. Had it not been for Petraeus' lies testimony to Congress, we would already have quit Afghanistan.


Sheila Tone said...

I've thought about him more since this story broke than I ever thought about him before, and that's not saying much. My first thought was: Who cares?

As affairs go, it seemed pretty respectable, I mean she wasn't young or a prostitute and she didn't have his bastard. I guess military officers are held to pretty high standards by the military, despite how little the general public may care about their personal lives.

Dr. Φ said...

Whiskey made this observation:

[Petraeus] asked and demanded the most restrictive rules of engagement, from the lowest enlisted man, while flagrantly violating the military code of conduct, which expressly forbids adultery. A Captain or Lieutenant under him would have been charged and court-martialed, which the Alpha Male Petraeus skates. Without a care in the world. Not even the loss of his pension. Much less military charges, or those related to being a security risk as head of the CIA fooling around with sex under the desk (shades of Monica) with his married biographer.

Which pretty much reflects my own thoughts.

Another thought: I'm not sure how her not being a prostitute made the affair more respectable. Petraeus selpt with a married mother of two who should have been home with her family. At least a prostitute wouldn't have cuckolded anyone.

I'm thinking other thoughts as well, but I'm too sleepy to go into them now . . .