Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Question on the Morning After

What, exactly, do you call a member of the Constitution Party.

I mean, a member of the "Republican Party" is a "Republican". A member of the "Democrat Party" is a "Democrat". But it just wouldn't do to call myself a "Constitution".

"Constitutionalist" would seem like a candidate, but it already has an established definition, and is unlikely to be identified with a particular platform or even a specific worldview. Plus it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

"Constitutional" might be better. "I'm a Constitutional!" is much more likely to provoke "What's that?", which is kinda what I want.

Any other ideas? (Serious entrants only. I'm not looking for snark, e.g., "No-hoper" I already get that.)

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Anonymous said...

Constitutioneer? Constitutionarian? Constitutioner? Good question.

Before that they were the US Taxpayers Party, which strikes me as having the same problem.

I think this is where you go the route of Massachusetts, where since they can't come up with something that works, they just go with "Bay Stater." So, the party should come up with some word even if it doesn't include the name of the party.