Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't Drink and Play with Fire

Oh boy.

Note to would-be avengers of American servicemen everywhere: whatever delusions you may have notwithstanding, you are unlikely to effect a blow for liberty or much of anything else while under the influence of (if Randy Linn is to be believed) 45 beers.

Having got that out of the way, the most aggravating part of courtroom theater is where the judge takes it upon himself to lecture the defendant:

U.S. District Judge Jack Zouhary told Linn that his acts were an attack on all places of religion and that the mosque was a symbol of peace.

Wrong on both counts. Linn was not attacking "all places of religion" or even religion in general. He was attacking Islam, as he himself made clear. And the mosque in question is not a symbol of peace, but rather a symbol of Muslim colonization of and ambitions with respect to America.

"You are no better than the terrorists or extremists you sought to punish," Zouhary said.

Prosecutors said Linn drove about two hours from his home to suburban Toledo on Sept. 30 and broke into the mosque where he poured gasoline on the rug and lit it on fire.

Obviously, Judge Zouhary should get out of his cave on Mars and acquaint himself with the terrorist goings-on here on earth. Millions of Christian victims of Muslims would be so lucky to only lose a prayer rug.

This whole business will give talking points to Muslims and their, um, coat-holders in the media about how awful they're treated, but utterly fail to make them return to their own countries.

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