Monday, January 28, 2013

Diversity Propaganda Watch: Φville Edition

My daughter came home from school all giggly about a wall poster she had spotted there and whose contents she had carefully copied down for our mutual amusement:

Our community is made up of people from many cultures and diverse backgrounds.  Look around.  We are all different!  These differences can enhance our relationships.  Diversity makes us unique!

For the record, here are my town’s demographics from

  • White alone - 8,655 (94.1%)
  • Hispanic - 163 (1.8%)
  • Two or more races - 139 (1.5%)
  • Asian alone - 124 (1.3%)
  • Black alone - 83 (0.9%)
  • American Indian alone - 17 (0.2%)
  • Other race alone - 21 (0.2%)

Candidly, I didn’t know we had 83 black people living here.  I’m curious where we keep them.

I’m proud that my daughter has developed an eye for this nonsense.


Elusive Wapiti said...

Heh. Well done, Dr. Φ.

" These differences can enhance our relationships. "

Amusing when propaganda runs in such stark opposition to the plainly observable truth.

The trouble for this poster, the data suggests diversity actually increases interpersonal and intra-group conflict, as well as decreases social cohesion.

So while diversity is a fact for some/most, it's not something to be celebrated.

Anonymous said...

I’m proud that my daughter has developed an eye for this nonsense.

I'm really thrilled to hear this: firstly, I'm happy for you; secondly, it's good to be reassured that kids *can* be raised right.