Monday, January 21, 2013

The Malian Barrel o’ Monkeys

Gave me a giggle . . . sardonically speaking.

Behind the WSJ paywall now, but the headline says it all:

U.S. Delays Support [to Mali], Cites Legal Concerns

Right.  Because we all know how scrupulous the Obama administration is about following the War Powers Act, or any other laws for that matter.

Here is an NYT story that details how the Islamist insurgence were aided by U.S.-trained government military units that defected at the first opportunity.

The same American-trained units that had been seen as the best hope of repelling such an advance proved, in the end, to be a linchpin in the country’s military defeat. The leaders of these elite units were Tuaregs — the very ethnic nomads who were overrunning northern Mali.

So, drinking its own anti-racism Cool-Aid, the U. S. happily trained the very ethnic group whose loyalties lie with the Islamic world.  Good going, guys.

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Anonymous said...

The word "monkeys" in this context is racist. You racist.