Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Slope Keeps Slipping

The  good little liberals indulging themselves in a spot of moral outrage over Cord Jefferson’s Gawker piece on pedophilia (H.T.:  Trumwill, although Ace reported on it earlier) may reveal a residual moral sense not quite purged by their embrace of gay marriage.  But all their invective, justifiable as it may be, only reveal an unprincipled exception.  Having discarded the idea that sex has a moral purpose beyond what people decide to make of it, they have drawn an arbitrary line in the sand with regard to children.  Perhaps even Ta-Nehisi knows that in the long run it will never hold, and he is very afraid.


Elusive Wapiti said...

"they have drawn an arbitrary line in the sand with regard to children"

Reading the linked articles, it's not altogether clear to me that the authors (not Cord, but his respondents) distinguish between pedophilia, which I think is near universally reviled, and ephebophilia, which is much more problematic.

Also, you are spot on wrt the arbitrary nature of the standard. 110 years ago, 15 yo females were considered full-up wives. Young males were exceptionally mature as well (John Paul Jones captained a ship at age 21 after starting his naval career at age 13). Humanity hasn't genetically changed much since then; what has radically changed has been the socialization of--and expectations placed upon--young adults.

Lesson: just wait 50 years. This arbitrary standard will fall, and be replaced with something else.

sykes.1 said...

NAMBLA is working very hard to legitimize at least ephebophilia. It might be noted that ephebophilia (man/boy) is very widespread in Moslem countries, perhaps because of the prevalence of polygamy and the sequestration of women. Considering the alliance between liberals and Moslems, NAMBLA is likely to succeed.

Griswold v Connecticut essentially eliminated any state regulation of sexual behavior other than rape. So, eventually the Supremes will legalize polygamy, prostitution, ephebophilia, and beastiality

Dr. Φ said...

I dunno . . . I'm hesitant to predict which way liberalism will lurch. But yes, the liberal-Muslim anti-Christendom alliance means that if a face of the proper hue is put on a sexual practice, the Left and, by extension, SCOTUS will eventually embrace it.