Friday, February 22, 2013

Link Love XVII

A survey of scientists is not the same as science. Still, considering that AGW tub-thumpers long relied on such surveys as a cudgel on skeptics, they're hardly in a position to complain now that the surveys are turning against them.

Immigration plus prohibition turned out to be a boon to organized crime. But when it comes to prostitution, immigration plus decriminalization doesn't work out so well either. Guess which one will be thrown under the bus.

Fun fact: according to the Census Bureau, 45.3% of Mexican immigrants are on food stamps. 24.1% of all immigrants get food stamps, compared to 13.9% of native-born Americans. Any predictions about which of food stamps or welfare will get thrown under the bus?

Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but this NYT article is the first notice I've seen the press take, or the President mention, of the non-DoD share of the budget cuts. My idle speculations is that the Left is leading with the DoD cuts to generate pressure on Republican lawmakers from their own constituents to cave on whatever Obama is demanding. Seeing as how that doesn't seem to be working, we may be watching a shift in strategy.

Panetta made the required Congressional notification that we'll be furloughed one day per week starting in April. Money's tight, so the DoD is cutting back. Except when it's not.

On a related note, I got a kick out of this bit of Navy propaganda:

Key attributes which will sustain a successful repeal of DADT:

  • Leadership: DADT repeal was a major policy change. Focused leadership will continue to ensure a positive impact on unit cohesion, readiness and the effectiveness of a given unit. Front line leaders are tasked with building unit cohesion and maintaining readiness in a diverse force to meet mission requirements.

  • Professionalism: As members of the Naval Service, we have taken an oath as military professionals to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and have made a commitment to our Navy Core Values. Emphasizing these professional obligations in a post-repeal environment will reinforce expectations of personal behavior.

  • Discipline: The Uniform Code of Military Justice remains our legal foundation of good order and discipline; and provides for enforcement of standards of conduct and laws, and prohibits harassment, sexual assault or other violence. Accountability is a cornerstone of good order and discipline and will continue to guide standards of acceptable behavior.

Right. Because all this worked out so well integrating women into the armed forces. Right?

Speaking of which, the movie The Invisible War took a moment to make sport of military propaganda urging women to be proactive in avoiding sexual assault. Yet when the subject turns to gun control, Colorado Democrats suddenly have new respect for the buddy system.

On a related note, the NRA has pointed out that gun control doesn't reduce crime, and in the context of the AWB, the Justice Department agrees. Of course, the Justice Department also thinks the solution is even more gun control.

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