Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inside the Mind of a Gun Grabber

My mom sent me a link to this Walter Williams piece on gun control.  It quotes Nelson T. Shields III,  the late chairman of Handgun Control, Inc.:

"We're going to have to take this one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily -- given the political realities -- going to be very modest. ... Right now, though, we'd be satisfied not with half a loaf but with a slice. Our ultimate goal -- total control of handguns in the United States -- is going to take time. ... The final problem is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition -- except for the military, police, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs and licensed gun collectors -- totally illegal" (The New Yorker, July 1976).

I hadn’t heard of Nelson T. Shields III, nor of his association with HCI.  But a big of googling turned up an interesting fact about Nelson T. Shields IV:  he was one of the victims in the Zebra Murders.

The "Zebra" murders were a string of racially motivated murders, committed by four African-American men who were later convicted, that took place in San Francisco, California, from October 1973 to April 1974.

During 1973 and 1974, fourteen execution style murders and eight assaults occurred in San Francisco, whose police named the case "Zebra" after the special police radio band they assigned for the investigation. Twenty-two crimes in a six-month spree involved mostly white victims of the three black suspects.

. . . .

On the evening of April 16, 23-year-old Nelson "Nick" T. Shields IV, heir to a wealthy Du Pont executive, accompanied a friend to a house on Vernon Street in the Ingleside district to pick up a rug. Shields had opened the back of the station wagon and was making room in the cargo area for the rug when he was shot repeatedly.

What mental gymnastics did NTSIII, grieving the loss of NTSIV, go through to conclude that taking guns away from law-abiding whites was the correct response to a killing spree by racist blacks?

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Anonymous said...

A lot of liberals are very devoted to their causes but are unable to really thinking about them. Deep thought might lead to challenging their conclusions. They don't have the mental courage to look under that rock. Just like confronting global warming fanatics with 16 years of data showing no warming. Or showing head start advocates data that proves head starts accomplished none of its nominal purposes.