Monday, April 22, 2013

The Perils of Globalization

So.  Chechen Muslim immigrants, then.

Here’s a reminder (H.T.:  Steve) that the U.S. helped the Russians take out Dzhokhar’s namesake.  But I’ve also read reports that Islam weighs more heavily on the lad’s mind.

Although I’m too lazy to Google the link, Jonah Goldberg once referred to Islam (or “radical Islam”, whatever) as “Globalization for Losers”.  Pithy, but its too bad Goldberg, and the people he represents, can’t think more critically about the implications of that phrase beyond name-calling.

In the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, we see the familiar pattern emerging.  Young Muslim men come to the West from a backwater.  Strangers in a strange land, they find themselves unable to assimilate into a country that doesn’t even know what that means anymore.  But if not Americans, who should they be?  Chechen nationalists?  Personally, I cheered the Chechens back in the early ‘90s during the initial success of their independence movement.  But, that ship sailed, and would probably earn them dumb looks in America today anyway.  But, Islam!  Now that’s the ticket to respect from all quarters.  It has an international network striking blows against the West, and the West itself fawns over Islam to show its Respect for Diversity.  How better to demonstrate their allegiance than to blow something up?

Once America offered real incentives to immigrants to identify with its founding stock.  This path was denied to the descendants of Black slaves, obviously, but it was more or less open to everyone else.  But then came the Civil Rights laws and Diversity™.  Now the incentives are completely reversed.

The Civil Rights laws are set in stone, and Diversity™ is, if anything, even more entrenched, having permeated our entire public ecosystem.  So, really, reducing immigration is the strongest ground on which we can fight.  By strongest, I mean we have a maybe 10% chance of success as opposed to, what, 0.1%?

Let’s face it: the Marathon bombers, in the grand scheme of things, are mainly a dramatic nuisance. Again, I’m too lazy to look it up, but I would guess that run-of-the-mill street crime caused more death and injuries across Massachusetts, let alone America, than these two.  Reading between the lines, this attack may have struck a blow against, if anything, “comprehensive immigration reform,” a.k.a., amnesty.  Which is ironic.  If immigrants could just avoid . . . being themselves for just long enough, the national media could continue to ignore their primary weapons:  culture, and demography.  But now, alas for our elites, everyone is starting to ask why, exactly, these two were even allowed into America in the first place.

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