Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Thoughts . . .

Kudos to Steve for calling the gay angle over a year in advance. The interesting question, which of course the media won't touch, is whether Trayvon's profiling of Zimmerman was merely "homophobia" or a legitimate Bayesian inference for a young man in his position to make.

I went to the gun show last weekend. The arena where the gun show is held is in a Bad Neighborhood. And oooooo . . . the hostile looks from the People From The Bad Neighborhood! On a positive note, I bought some .223 reloads from The Brass Kings for $.39 per, and some 62 gr. Wolf (I think -- it says WPA on the box, Russian steel case) for $.37 per. Best prices in a while, though not as good as last fall.

What difference did the whole business make? Gun ownership continues to grow. People will still defend themselves when their lives are threatened, reasoning that it's better to be judged by twelve, etc. There may be more of a reluctance to "get involved" over suspicious-looking minorities.

The big loser: neighborhood watch associations. The $1M settlement against Zimmerman's HOA (H.T.: Hale) will make other communities leary of officially sanctioning them. What does a neighborhood watch do, other than phone in suspicious or criminal activity, which good citizens should be doing anyway?

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Anonymous said...

I was also thinking that there is no reason for the HOA to be involved in this or anything. Since an HOA is not a law enforcement agency, they can take "no position" on the formation or operation of Neighborhood watches and be free of liability.