Monday, September 16, 2013

don't be racist!

"Have a good day and don't be racist" calls our social studies teacher as we leave the classroom.  he says this every day.  now the thought of being racist never even crossed my mind, and there really aren't enough people to be racist to yet every day its the same thing, don't be racist.  it feels like it's all they teach you. 

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Justin said...

You have to understand what "racist" means. In short, when "anti-racists" say such a thing, to them, being "racist" means being "an uppity White". You are supposed to submit to every indignanty against yourself, your family, and your people, without complaint. If you dare complain, at all, or point out how unfairly Whites are treated (being legally discriminated against), or how they are held to different standards than than any other race (being the ONLY race which can't organize in its own self-interest), then you are being "a racist".

In short, the only "correct response" for any White is to be totally submissive. If you get uppity at all, even demanding something reasonable, like equal treatment, you will be condemned.