Saturday, September 21, 2013

genetic variation

"What are some things that could affect how fast a person heals?" asks our science teacher



"Activities they might be doing."

"Yes those are some of them", he said, nodding, "but are there any more?"
Everybody thinks for several more seconds but cant come up with any more.
"do you think race could be a factor?"
Silence, complete silence for ten seconds.
One student raises a tentative hand.

"Don't you mean like, genetic variation?" the student asks.

"Yes", the science teacher nods, "race."

This little conversation gave me food for thought.  These kids have been told that racism is bad for so long that they are afraid to even say the word race.
It's sad to realize that all my friends and allies are being turned into mindless puppets that will believe anything they are taught in school without question.  it's depressing.

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heresolong said...

Have a nice day, don't be a genetic variationist.