Monday, September 30, 2013

Webcam Hacking is Bad Beta

From Reuters:

(Reuters) - Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf said on Friday it was "weird" to learn that the 19-year-old California man charged with hacking into her webcam and taking nude photos in a so-called "sextortion" case, was a high school classmate.

Wolf, 19, told NBC's "Today" show she has "mixed feelings" a day after the arrest of Jared Abrahams, and that part of her feels sorry for him.

"It's weird for me to be able to put a face to the person who did this to me and to know that it's somebody I went to high school with," the beauty queen told "Today."

. . . .

Wolf and Abrahams are both from Temecula, in Southern California. The beauty queen told NBC she was not friends with Abrahams in high school, but knew his name and routinely passed him in the hallway.


Anonymous said...

In other words, he was just another one of the invisible dweebs she never noticed in school.

Dr. Φ said...

Exactly. If I read this right, she ignored him. He didn't matter (until he did).

As almost all children understand, sometimes negative attention is better than no attention at all.

Anonymous said...

In her defense, it is unreasonable to expect her to be a best friend and steady date for EVERY pimply faced dweeb who notices her.

It is the dweeb's fault for not recognizing that this is the way things are and it was never going to go his way.

Dr. Φ said...

Hale: Do we have any testimony that either best friend or steady date were ever got around to in high school? Or more like eye contact, smile, and "good morning"?

That may not sound like much -- it's the baseline level of courtesy that I extend to everyone and teach my children to do the same -- but it's also rare among attractive young women, including apparently Cassidy Wolf.

Anonymous said...

Of course, had it turned out to be an ex-boyfriend, we could talk about her lousy taste in men while leaving nice young men - like an idealized Jared Abrahams! - dateless.

Dr. Φ said...

Trumwill: "nice young man" is a bit of a reach in this case, don't you think? But nothing in this article indicates that Cassidy knew or cared whether he was nice or not in high school.

When I first heard the story, and knowing nothing about her character, I just assumed that she had been "sexting". Once I read the details, I put electrical tape over my webcam.

Anonymous said...

"Once I read the details, I put electrical tape over my webcam."

Ya, cause, like, there's lots of people who want to see "this".