Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Seventh-grade Social Hierarchy

Even though I am only in seventh grade my school has a complex social hierarchy. 

  • At the top we have the popular kids.  This group consists of cheer leaders and the foot ball players.

  • Next we have what is known as semi-populars witch consists of some of the sports teams and my group.

  • Then we have the normal kids this group of people is the biggest.

  • Last we have the losers a rather small group of people.

This is the seventh grade social caste system.

I myself am lucky enough to be semi popular. My group is the biggest we out number the popular kids by a few.  the reason we are semi popular is because two of my friends.  One of them is Regina.  She is the person to know if you want to know what's going on.  if it weren't for Insanis the crazy person in our group she would be more popular than the popular girls.  that's why they hate her.  she has the ability to upset the balance.  the other influential person is Jucunda. everybody likes her, even the populars. 

In my group of about 20 kids I am part of the inner circle.  anything that happens I will be one of the first to know  very little information is held back.  its an advantage that I have made use of many times.

Basically we are well known by all but I'm just glad that I have friends.  My dad didn't.


Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting, but how did you do at the 50M target using PMC 55gr?


Dr. Φ said...

We'll take pictures next time, but you may have to settle for 36gr .22LR at 25m.

It won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Did you see the three-gun video at my site? Labeled "Totally Awesome".

Nothing wrong with little girls knowing how to use guns.

Anonymous said...

I was somewhere in between unpopular and semi-popular. In middle school, I was closer to unpopular. I did have friends, though. A relatively small group of lads.

My middle school was just large enough to have a definite hierarchy, but just small enough that you couldn't fade into anonymity. My high school was huge (one of the largest 100 in the country) and was much more tolerable because we could more easily be invisible.