Sunday, November 17, 2013

My poems

Poem 1:

My Closet
What’s in the closet in my room?
Three old bottles from long ago
A bunch of broken bits of shells
Some pens that in pieces lie around
A few pencils that are no more than erasers
Cards from a time long forgotten
Clothing that is spread almost everywhere
And the paint that has come off the door

Poem 2:

The Dragon
They all had to conform to the rules
Now they were familiar to the rest of those fools
These erroneous laws you could not obey
You were jubilant to break them in any way
They could not endorse this so out you went
You flew far away without lament
When you saw the rural town below
You descended upon them your eyes aglow
As you landed with infinite power and grace
They were mesmerized at the sight of your face
Your lips puckered at the sight
At so many people standing in fright
You commanded them all easily then
You ordered some people to build you a den
Then your days slipped idly past
As they all cared for you first to last
But as you reposed in your cave
You became as ancient as the grave
Now this adaptation of The Dragon is done
I am now leaving it’s been quite fun

Poem 3:

[Ed. – The English teacher played a video of Garth Brooks singing his Gay Rights Plus anthem, We Shall Be Free, and instructed her students to write a poem about it.  Here is the result.]
The Minstrel
“We’ll be free!” the minstrel sang
Launching his globalist harangue
But I believe the world brought much
Of problems to us by the clutch
Immigration has gone too far
They’re taking over near and far
With them come their drug cartels
Putting our youth under poisonous spells
As people demanding jobs arrive, surprise!
Unemployment rates reach the skies
As unemployment rates increase by day
Businesses can start to lower the pay
As the poor and uneducated are moving in
The ethnic cleansing can begin
As birds of a feather flock
They take over block by block
As they don’t bother to learn the language we speak
The linguistic ghettos will grow by the week
They have no money and so what will they eat?
The answer is welfare their needs it will meet
The minstrel sang we will be free;
The invaders will dance on our graves with glee

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heresolong said...

Huh. Didn't know Garth Brooks had a gay pride song. Shows how out of touch I am.

Thanks for sharing.