Wednesday, May 28, 2014


How long will we wait before the Left blames Santa Barbara on Republicans?  Not long apparently:

It is striking that [spree killer Elliot Rodger] used the politically freighted phrase “right to choose,” normally associated with reproductive freedom, in reducing women to commodities for male use . . . .  He proposed concentration camps for women, with a few allowed to survive for reproduction. All this, he said, was “my war on women.”

That’s a familiar phrase to those who watch politics, and know how that name has been given to the various policies that would seek to curtail women’s autonomy, or that would keep women less safe from violence.

Audience Participation Question:  Does this ever work?

The Left has a proud, ignominious history of blaming tragedies on their political enemies.  Gabby Giffords was the fault of Sarah Palin.  Matthew Shepherd was the fault of James Dobson.  Oklahoma City was the fault of Rush Limbaugh.  Etc.  But my sense of it is that however onanistically satisfying these narratives might be to the Left, they don’t really persuade anyone not already persuaded.  The Giffords narrative was spectacularly unsuccessful.  Clinton tried to make political hay out of OKC, but the end result was probably a draw:  the fear of predatory government emerged as a dominant theme on the Right, while the Left began to shed its few remaining pretenses of little-el liberalism.  Arguably, the Left’s most successful propaganda effort was in the wake of the Shepherd murder – that his death was the result of a meth-deal-gone-bad is not widely known – but it is difficult to disentangle its effect from that of the elite’s long-running effort to deploy “gay rights” as a weapon against Christianity.

But I could be wrong about this, and in any case the Left never seems to pay an actual price for their repeated calumnies, so why not try to see what will stick?

Meanwhile, let the firings begin!

Mahbod Moghadam, co-founder of the popular lyrics site Rap Genius, has resigned from the company's board of directors following controversial comments regarding the manifesto of Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger, according to a report.

Maghadam wrote a series of annotations on a version of Rodger's tome uploaded to Rap Genius, stating that parts were "beautifully written" and saying that he guessed Rodger's sister was "smoking hot."

For the record, I don’t see much eloquence here.  I see a badly written parody of what feminists think the interior life of the incel must be, and if it weren’t for the dead bodies, I would assume I was being trolled.

On the other hand, Georgia Rodger is no-kidding hot!

Fun fact:  According to Google, and as of Wednesday evening, there are 190 million news stories mentioning “Elliot Rodger”.  There are only six mentioning him in a story with “George Sodini”.


Anonymous said...

The people who believe it are the type of people who want to believe it. They want their political enemies attached to all the evil in the world and their heroes to therefore be morally justified in doing whatever needs to be done to vanquish them.

I blame HS sports. That whole "my team" mentality is poisonous to rational thought, reason, and sanity.

Dexter said...

It is sheer projection. They believe in a Vast Right Wing conspiracy that is out to get them and is relentlessly scheming to destroy everything they love - because THEY, the Left, are part of a vast conspiracy that is out to get the Right and is relentlessly scheming to destroy everything the Right loves.