Monday, July 07, 2014

Harnessing the State

From "The Agony of Liberal Gun Lovers" (H.T.: "Trumwill)

Outside of the Liberal Gun Club circle, many left-leaning gun owners have found there’s not much room for their perspective in public gun discourse. Their arguments fall between the cracks. For example, Ed Gardner of the Boston LGC chapter dismisses the typical pro-gun line about “freedom from tyranny, stand[ing] up against the government.” But at the same time, he argues that guns offer an especially important measure of protection to minority groups usually identified with the left. “Our transgender, LGBT, African American members, they’ll talk about real oppression,” he says. “The police aren’t going to come. That’s meaningful defense.”

On the other hand, Leftist policy in the post-Black Panther era has been to compel the police to do their bidding. And in this they have been wildly successful. Indeed, it is impossible to think of a signle institution that does not actively abet the Left's priorities. There may be an occasional holdout -- Hobby Lobby perhaps, or an odd conservative church -- but these are far and few between. Leftists today enjoy, with only occasional exceptions, the unfettered support of the courts, the Congress, the Presidency, business, academia, churches, the military -- every institutional power supports their agenda. Suspicision of the police among Leftists exists only as a romantically-held relic of an earlier time.

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