Monday, November 10, 2014

Juicy Bar Ban Trending

So, the Osan AB Juicy Bar Ban, reported here a year ago, now applies to all servicemen stationed anywhere in Korea.

From the policy letter:

Paying for companionship directly supports human trafficking and is a precursor to prostitution. This practice encourages the objectification of women, reinforces sexist attitudes, and is demeaning to all human beings. Preventing service members from supporting human trafficking and prostitution outside our installations helps ensure the highest levels of readiness, promotes good order and discipline, and provides for the health, welfare and safety of our personnel and community.

Of course, FKCC hasn’t presented any evidence for his assertion that allowing their soldiers access to female companionship is prejudicial to readiness or discipline, nor even defined what “precursor” means in this instance.  But that’s the fun part of being a general officer:  you get to just make stuff up, and make people nod along.

But nobody cares about “human trafficking”; this is all feminist appeasement.  But props to Gen. Scaparrotti for figuring out who his real masters are.

Happy Veteran's Day.

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