Monday, March 09, 2015

“Nice Guy” Alert

From the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, describing his courtship of the future Mrs. Kyle:

Taya was working as a drug rep from a pharmaceutical company when we met.  Originally from Oregon, she’d gone to college in Wisconsin and moved out to the coast a couple of years before we met.  My first impression was that she was beautiful, even if she looked pissed off about something.  We started talking, and I also found out she was smart, and had a good sense of humor.

I sensed right away that maybe she was someone who could keep up with me.  But, maybe she should tell the story.  Her version sounds better than mine.


I remember the night we met; some of it at least.  I wasn’t going to go out; this was all during a low spot in my life.  My days were spent in a job I didn’t like.  I was fairly new in town and still looking for some solid female friendships.  And I was casually dating guys, with not much success.  Over the years I’d had some decent relationships and a couple of bad ones with a few dates in between.  I remember literally praying to God before I met Chris to just send me a nice guy.  Nothing else mattered, I thought.  I just prayed for someone who was inherently good and . . . nice.

Chris would go on to achieve 160 confirmed kills as a sniper during four tours in the Iraq War.

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