Monday, June 22, 2015


I will generally align myself with Ace, and add a few comments of my own.

  • Another day, another gun-free zone.

  • You’re taking over our country.  Of all the grievances that white Americans have against black Americans, I don't think this is one of them.  The Obama administration does nothing except the bidding of those who bankroll his campaigns. If anything, black Americans suffer the greater near-term material consequences of immigration, be it ethnic cleansing from their neighborhoods, competition for jobs, etc.  They are unlikely to get as good a deal from our rising Mexican and Asian masters as they received from Whites.

  • For all the grievances Whites have against Blacks, the little old ladies at Bible study in Emanuel AME had nothing to do with them.  On the contrary, they were without doubt as mortified by the likes of Shyrome Jaquane Johnson,  Philip Moses, Franklin Glover, and Levell Leonard Grant as we are by Dylann Roof.

  • Again we see the effect of asymmetrical media power, the power to decide whether the injuries suffered by you and your group get to be A Thing.  How many of you had heard the four names listed above until you read them here?   How many outside the readership of our corner of the internet remember Omar Thornton? In fact, while Dylann's murders will likely dominate the statistics of non-Hispanic white-on-black violent crime, it is but a spittle-speck in the storm of black-on-white (or -Asian, or -Hispanic) crime. Yet this is what we'll be hearing about for the next 18 months.

  • Dylann.  With two “n”’s.  That’s an improbable spelling for a white kid.  It bespeaks his family's integration into the overwhelmingly black community where he grew up. I'd like to know more about this than I'm currently seeing reported.

  • The usual suspects will milk this tragedy for what they will, yet the grace and forgiveness shown by the members of Emanuel is remarkable. Also remarkable is the total absence of retaliatory mayhem from black Americans at large. It's almost as if Black outrange is always in inverse proportion to the alleged offense. A police officer shoots a robber that is violently assaulting him: nationwide riots. Two police officers gun down John Crawford III in cold blood: John who? A "white Hispanic" shoots a wannabe gangster that's slamming his head into the pavement: numerous retaliatory murders and assaults across the country. A no-kidding racist degenerate murders nine people in church: thus far, nothing. Agitators take note: apparently, fomenting race war is trickier than it looks.


Unknown said...
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Dr. Φ said...

Joshua: While I don't censor ideas here at Delenda, I do censor words. The n-word first among them. You are welcome to repost your thought on the coming racial armageddon abiding by this policy.