Sunday, December 13, 2015

Diversity Shakedown

Form the “Campaign Quarterly” of the Georgia Tech Office of Development:

Intel is investing $5 million in Georgia Tech over the next five years to build a pipeline of underrepresented engineers and computer scientists.

Five million dollars!

(It never gets old.)

The Intel Diversity Scholars Program will recruit and retain underrepresented minority students to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors and prepare them for

. . . working at Intel?

graduate school.


The effort is anticipated to benefit roughly 1,000 high school and undergraduate students over five years through scholarships, mentoring, and professional development workshops. 

I would like to know, when the money is spent, how much of it went to scholarships and how much of it went to create make-work at Georgia Tech for people who also aren’t doing engineering for Intel.

Earlier this year, Intel announced a new goal: to achieve full representation of underrepresented minorities and women by the year 2020 in its U.S. workforce,

Is there a way to track the size of Intel’s “U.S. workforce over the next fifteen years?  Especially compared to its, you know, non-U.S. workforce?  And is Intel on the record how it counts H1B workers?

along with a $300 million Diversity in Technology Initiative to help build a workforce pipeline.

Intel has a market cap north of $160 billion.  With a “b”.

Rosalind Hudnell:  not an engineer.
“Filling the tech industry pipeline with diverse students is critical to increasing the number of diverse engineers and computer scientists in the field,” said Rosalind Hudnell, vice president of human resources and chief diversity officer at Intel. “The goal of this program is to inspire and support more women and underrepresented minorities to earn technical degrees so we can hire them down the road – we want to foster those future tech innovators.”


heresolong said...

Allow me to translate:

We are no longer interested in making the best computer products at the lowest price so as to achieve a greater market share and increased dividends for our shareholders. Our new goal is to hire lower qualified people who fit a demographic profile. The long term result of our new goal will be that we can no longer operate at a profit, as a result of which we will have to lay off all our workers, in all their diverse glory. You will then be able to purchase fine computer products from some Chinese computer company which employs 100% Chinese engineers, managers, and workers.

cecilhenry said...

Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

Diversity means fewer White people--aka White Genocide.

The evil implicit in diversify a workforce is despicable.