Sunday, June 07, 2020

BLM by the Numbers

Ahmaud Arbery was killed on 23 February. George Floyd was killed on 25 May. Who else was killed during those three months? Here are some names you probably haven't heard:

This is not a complete list of non-blacks killed by blacks; on the contrary, the Molson Coors plant shooting included Jesus Valle, whom I take to be Puerto Rican. And it probably isn't a complete list even of non-Hispanic whites killed by blacks, only the ones I know. But in that category, this is representative of the pace of black-on-white murders that I hear about, so let's say 100 / year.

Last I wrote about it, the Tuskegee Institute estimated that 3446 blacks were killed during the Golden Age of Lynching, 1882 - 1968. Many of those murders were motivated by white racism. That comes to about 40 / year.

David Dinkins, New York City's first (and last) black mayor served in office 1990 - 1993. During those four years, New York City suffered 8331 murders. These are the NYC's four highest murder rate years in its history. I don't know how many of them were black, but more recent statistics suggest 80%. So let's assume 1666 blacks murdered per year in NYC alone.

Exit questions:

  • Who is more dangerous to blacks, white racists or black Democrat politicians?

  • Who is more dangerous, white racists to blacks or blacks to all whites?

Please answer in the comments.

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