Friday, March 11, 2011

Diversity in Action

From FoxNews:

A Brooklyn, N.Y., teen admitted to police that she poured acid on a classmate’s head in hopes to burn the victim’s eyes out, reported the New York Post.

Zhanna Smsarian, 16, allegedly sat behind the victim, Albina Eshimbaeva, 15, in chemistry class at Fort Hamilton High School on Wednesday and allegedly poured a bottle of diluted hydrochloric acid over Eshimbaeva’s head, the Post reported. Classmates said the girls have a history of bad blood.

Here are the stats on Hamilton High.  But while the perp appears white (and average cute when she’s not scowling), where do these names come from?  The Baltics?  Armenia?

What kind of generalizations can we make about the kind of whites left behind in a school that’s two-thirds “minority”?  That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way; looking at those stats, nothing jumps out.  The school isn’t rated, but its test scores aren’t especially bad, nor are the students especially poor.  It’s male graduation rate seems low at 58% though.

Zhanna appears to be wearing a JROTC uniform.  Which of course proves nothing.

UPDATE:  Novaseeker says it’s an Armenian surname.  So the question becomes:  what vital, irreplaceable quality do Armenians bring to American life that makes this kind of thing an acceptable price to pay for it?


knightblaster said...

It's an Armenian surname, that's for sure, but her appearance is more of an Armenian mix. Could be Armenian/Russian (not that uncommon).

falkenberg said...

True, general rule of thumb: eastern european/middle eastern name ending in -ian = Armenian.

Dexter said...

what vital, irreplaceable quality do Armenians bring to American life that makes this kind of thing an acceptable price to pay for it?

We're all supposed to feel sorry for the Armenians because the Turks slaughtered them a century ago. Thus, their vital, irreplaceable quality is their victimhood.

Anonymous said...

When I was living in the Mormon west, I had a boss who was that most unusual of breeds: a liberal Mormon. He did his LDS mission in a part of the country very heavily populated by Armenian-Americans. He, a guy with little negative to say about anyone and generally without a racist bone in his body, said that while he definitely could not approve of the Russians and Turks wanting to wipe the Armenians off the face of the earth and that they were wrong for trying to do so, he could completely understand where they were coming from.

I've heard that sentiment - albeit usually not with that bluntness - expressed elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The victim was from Kyrgyzstan.


Anonymous said...

Fort Hamilton High is located in Bay Ridge, which isn't a bad area by any means. It used to be heavily Scandinavian, and now has a lot of Middle Eastern and Asian people. It's one of the better Brooklyn neighborhoods other than the SWPL ones like Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights.


Anonymous said...

They released a photo of the victim, too, of Central-Asian Turko-mongol stock.

The avid-attack victim

Armenian Acid attacker