Friday, March 11, 2011

Φ’s Dirtiest Post Ever

From PsychCentral (H.T.:  Ace):

“Does Semen Make Women Happy?”


Could it be that the biochemical makeup of semen is such that when absorbed through the vagina it affects a woman’s hormones?

Oh.  Damn, we were so close.


Anonymous said...

Works orally too.

Fear not.

Dr. Φ said...

Joe: Linky? I'll need evidence!

Elusive Wapiti said...

I think Athol Kay posted something similar to this a few months ago.

Athol Kay said...

This one has been going around and is all true. The vagina is fabulous for absorbing things.

I don't believe that it works orally though. At least not unless she holds all the semen under her tounge for a couple of hours. But then it's probably difficult to get enough women willing to do that to really get a proper sample size.