Sunday, May 15, 2011

Γ’s Story

As is:

Quietly he padded along really silently. Staring around with icy grey ghost eyes. He could stare down a human with those eyes, if he wanted to. Dimmed by hazy heat of the night his sleek black coat still gleamed faintly. In and out he had no boundaries, (do to his canny ability to unlock doors). Taking orders from one only. This cat went by the name of Pouncer.

As for the only one that he listened to she was the girl. Who was the girl? Her name is Aquilla. She sort of owned Pouncer. Pouncer mostly completely actually liked her. She would have been completely normal except for her eyes. They were a vivid shade of purple.

Then there was Mister Rooster, Pouncer arch enemy. Rooster liked to chase Pouncer vigorously. Unfortunately Mister Rooster was not afraid of Pouncer. It was always the other way around. Mister Rooster was mean and nasty.

One fairly normal evening Pouncer quietly sat on the roof. When out of the blue he heard a piercing yell from the front of the barn. “Quit it, ow, stop it” Aquilla was getting chased by Mr. Rooster. Looking up she spotted him. “Pouncer help me!” “I can’t.” He said. Aquilla made a disparaging noise, and ran inside.

“You could have helped me,” growled Aquilla, “instead you just stood there.” “I had a fairly good reason to.” Replied pouncer. “No you didn’t,” said Aquilla savagely as she sat on the bed, “you just didn’t want to get pecked!” He met her gaze. “I have other reasons.” Tired by the days events Aquilla instantly went to sleep and dreamed about psychotic roosters and defiant cats.

When Aquilla woke up she was very grumpy, very tired, and very short tempered. “Where have you been,” demanded Pouncer, “the eggs are stone cold.” “Exactly why do you care seeing as you sleep half the day?” Aquilla said grumpily. “Accusing me of sleeping half the day is an unfounded accusation.” Pouncer said reproachfully. “Because I do nothing of the sort.” Aquilla snarled. “Don’t be such a grouch.” Scolded Pouncer. “Just leave me alone.” Snapped Aquilla. “Fine.” Said Pouncer coolly, with that he left.

Thinking time was hard to find in the barn. Because of all the noise, it was near impossible. Therefore when Aquilla found some, she used it to its fullest extent. How to get rid of Mister Rooster? She had to but how? “Stop thinking so hard, you will hurt yourself.” Chided pouncer. “Do you have any ideas?” “As a matter of fact I do.” “You do, tell me” Pouncer told her and they decided to put the plan into action the following day.

She finished what she was doing, and went inside for lunch. “Good, you’re on time.” Said pouncer. “At least you are happy,” said Aquilla. When lunch was over they took a walk outside. “Cock-a-doodle-doo.”, Said Mister Rooster. “Oh be quiet!” Complained Pouncer. For that, he got chased. Since she was tired when Aquilla went to bed she went right to sleep.

Aquilla was outside. Evening had just begun and the sun was setting. Staring up at the sunset she knew that she was dreaming. She knew she had to wake up but could not bring herself to do it. As she watched the sunset showed a picture it showed the plan failing. Because she had slept too late. Finely her hand found her leg which she pinched hard. She woke up with a start just in time to hear her alarm go off.

“u-u-u-h-h” said aquilla. “What kind of sound is that?” Questioned pouncer. “It’s [5:00] in the morning, what else do you expect me to say.” “Just get up.” In the end the plan whet perfectly. They trapped mister rooster in a box. When the post lady came they told her it was a special delivery to the psychotic rooster facility. The post lady looked puzzled but took the box any way. “I am glad he is gone, he drove me mad.” Aquilla did not answer for she was fast asleep. Γ

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