Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flying Follies

From the Tampa Tribune (via

The crew of a military cargo jet landed at the wrong airport in Tampa in July, in part, because of fatigue, complacency and a lack of flight discipline, an Air Force investigation has found.

I almost did that once. I had dead-reckoned into OKC through 400 miles of clear though turbulent weather, and I was eager to put down at the first airfield I came to. (Greater OKC has several airports within a few miles of each other, and those miles go by fast when you're flying.) It took a while for the tower to figure out what I was doing, and I was on final approach when the call came in: Cessna charlie one-seventy-six november, be advised you are landing at the wrong airport! Oops.

But . . . jeebus, people, you're instrument-rated in the age of GPS. How frickin' fatigued do you have to have to be to screw this up all the way to touchdown?

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Anonymous said...

You Tube has a video of that Tampa landing. What made it quite remarkable is that the cargo jet landed at a small airport on a runway much shorter than the normal minimum for an aircraft that size. It came to a stop less than 100 feet from the shoreline.