Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Profile Needed

We received the following email the other day:


It is regrettable that I have to bring to your attention some repulsive and unacceptable behavior being perpetrated by someone in our workforce. Over the last few weeks, several male restrooms have been defaced with feces on multiple surfaces on numerous occasions. The sheer disgust of an act like this from someone in our professional workforce is beyond comprehension for me as your Vice Commander. These acts have created an unpleasant and dangerous environment and since this is criminal behavior, we are now in coordination with the Security Forces Squadron to assist with the investigation and to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of the law.

. . . .

The lack of respect this individual has for the rest of the workforce and visitors to our facilities WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Together with your help, I am confident we will catch the offender so that we can all move forward in a facility where our Team can go about doing the work of our Nation in the professional and respectful manner commensurate with our outstanding organization.



I, personally, have only seen something like this once, in a restroom at a public hospital.  The behavior is so bizarre that I have no idea if there is a profile for this kind of person.  Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Barbarism. Bordering on sociopathing anarchism. A person who looks for rules to break just to be breaking them. The only positive thing you can say about such a person is at least he isn't burning the place down for his own amusement.

But I also wonder by the Vice Commander thought it would be useful to publish a letter on the subject. It is doubtful anyone reading that letter would assist the perp. So none of them could assist in his capture. Wouldn't Law enforcement be more effective if the perp wasn't forewarned by the letter? Or maybe they have no chance of catching him and are just hoping to scare him into stopping.

In any case, that is a bad situation for you to be in. Really shitty work conditions.

Elusive Wapiti said...

I see the "phantom shitter" has struck again.

Given that this individual likely works solo, I doubt the vice commander's email asking his colleagues to narc him out will yield fruit.

I'll go with "scare into stopping", although this may backfire as it may inspire others to take up the Phantom's cause.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I forgot all about the phantom shitter episode. That means this could be a copy cat with a genuine grievance against the management. That means it won't stop until the grievance is resolved.

Dr. Φ said...

Water cooler gossip is that they caught the guy. Someone from LG or the night cleaning crew agree that we employees weren't keeping our restroom tidy enough. But, yeah, sociopathic personality.

I don't know which restroom was defaced, but the restroom I usually use is poorly maintained. We never have more than one functioning paper towel dispenser (out of three), our toilets and even latrines regularly clog, and in the evening it's common to see that the bags aren't replaced after the trashcan is emptied.

Anonymous said...

You need to hire illegal aliens from Guatamala. That's what the Pentagon does and our restrooms are kept pretty clean.