Thursday, June 27, 2013

Military Welfare


AF Mom Juggles 6 Kids, Deployed Husband, Career

Staff Sgt. Heather Seeger paused a moment to wipe her eyes.

"I remember times waking up in the middle of the night and coming out in the living room, seeing the lights on at 2 o'clock in the morning," she continued with a faint crackle in her voice. "I would see my mom sitting at the table studying. She was going to school trying to get a better job for us, and I had no idea how she did that. How she did school and took care of my sister and me by herself. For that, she is the strongest person I know."

For Heather, that memory holds significance now more than ever. As a mother of six children, two with special needs, she devotes every effort to creating lasting memories which keep her family strong during her husband's deployment.

. . . .

According to Heather, the flexibility found within her work center plays a huge role in ensuring the family's daily operations run smoothly during her husband's absence.

"Now that he's deployed, his supervisor is asking me all the time if I need anything," she said. "My shop has also been really awesome, if I need to take my kids to appointments, or if anything else comes up. Support from our shops has honestly been the best."

I don't want to sound too mean spirited here. This is a human-interest piece, not a screed calling for more spending on this or that. And the woman is married, something too many military mothers are not. Still, though, it's hard to see how the military is getting its money's worth out of this.


Anonymous said...

Getting it's money's worth implies some objective measure of value in exchange for the total amount of money. But that is almost never the case. Military decision makers at the highest ranks get personal value from spending millions of your dollars in exchange for a few thank-you letters and as measured by getting fewer nasty-grams from socialist congresspeople.

Using the military budget to to create a socialist utopia is an end in itself. I am sure all her co-workers are perfectly happy to work harder so she doesn't have to. Or maybe, more likely case, everyone in the whole shop is seriously underemployed and one person missing a lot of time has no impact.

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