Monday, July 01, 2013

Divorce, Military Style

I received this in my inbox the other day:


When:  May 2013

Where: Airman & Family Readiness, Bldg X, Classroom Y


0900-0930 Survivor Benefits

0930-1000 Spiritual Aspects

1000-1030 Medical Benefits

1030-1100 Military and Civil Matters

1100-1200 LUNCH

1200-1230 Facing the Challenges of Divorce

1230-1300 Educational Benefits

1300-1330 Employment

1330-1400 Finances

1400-1430 Housing/Privatize Housing

1430-1500 Legal Aspects

So, my read is that, basically, the thrust of this seminar is to explain to women considering stepping out on their deployed husbands how they can keep all the benefits of being a military spouse without actually being a military spouse.

Did I get that right?


Steve Finnell said...
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Anonymous said...

You get the most amazing spam. your spammers put so much effort into it. Mine just say, "Nude girls at this link".

your graphic is a bit off. The woman should have the lamp and the clock. The man should have a box of bills for lamp and clock store.

Those things that are listed look like the appropriate things for a divorce seminar. Even the men will benefit from knowing what the rules are. It would have been better if they has known the rules going in to the marriage instead of discovering them at the end when they have no bargaining power.

But still, both sides need to know the rules. It is also a benefit for the man to understand just how much the government will be providing as part of his settlement, so he doesn't have to.

Unknown said...

Being a recently-divorced soldier, I can tell you that your idea regarding the seminar is accurate.
The focus is on the women; the assumption being that we (the male providers/soldiers) are generally animalistic abuser/rapists who are only able to keep our violence and anger in check due to the heavy hand of 'Family Law'...this is not surprising, as we are constantly being told that the spouses are the 'real heroes' and that they 'also serve and sacrifice'...what I see, over and over with my own Soldiers is that they are preyed upon by women who see them as a meal-ticket and a means to gov't enforced stipends/alimony.
I always tell them simply NOT to marry now!