Saturday, October 12, 2013

Illegal Imigration in SS

A few days ago my SS teacher asked a fun question.  "please think of three ways to set our country back on track"   My partner  furor came up with these three things.
  1. get rid of Obama.
  2. stop paying the government.
  3. use the money to start paying of the debt.
When our SS teacher came by and asked what we had so far she told him and he said to come up with something else.  Furor turned to me and said "Aquilla you come up with something!"  "Me? but my ideas are evil."  She just looked at me.

So when my SS teacher told our group to share what we had I promptly said, "I think we should stop illegal immigration and take our troops out of Afghanistan because we finished what we went there to do and instead use these troops to defend our border."

Everyone stared at me and there was not a sound in the room.

My SS teacher broke the silence "Why do you think that illegal immigration is a problem."

I thought quickly and came up with some reasons using what we had been learning,  "One they decrease the overall health of our country two the cause unemployment and three they are contributing to inflation."
 More stunned silence, then my SS teacher said thoughtfully, "You might have a point."

All in all I'd say this was worth it if only because I got them all to think.


Justin said...

Cool. But how are they contributing to inflation?

Aquilla said...

Justin the inflation is seen the most in the price of houses especially in places like California were the population has grown exponentially. with so many people biding on the houses the price can go up.