Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just For Fun

school is always very amusing.  some people are espetialy funny here are quotes from them

"This is Sparta!!"  "No this is Athens!"  "Oh, it is?  Oh darn"

"I've a glow stick" "ok Regina you have to calm down and do math"  "Like a glow stick!!"

  "Oh no I seemed to have dropped my extremely poisonous spider!  Oh well what harm could it do!"

"you know if I was born in France.....I'd be French!"   "Oh, bravo."

"But I like the mushrooms, they make me feel special."

"you know if you took all the people in the world and stretched them across the equator end to end most of the people in the world would drown."

"If you took all your veins out of your body and tied all their ends together, you would die."

of all these quotes there's one more that takes the cake its the one that occurred between jocus and I.

"Come here Aquilla."      "Why?"      "Because."      "should I trust you?"       "Right on this red line."       "Ok so what is it?"       "Would you like a cookie?"       "No thank you jocus."       "I think you would like a cookie."       "No I'm pretty sure I don't."       "I'm pretty sure you do."         "No I don't."    "Yes you do."      "No I don't."         "Would you like chocolate chip or double chocolate chip?"         "I don't want a cookie."  "What about gingerbread? strawberry shortcake?"        "I don't want a cookie!"       "How about a cupcake?"       "I don't like cupcakes."       "What about cake?"       "I don't like cake."       "At least have a loaf of bread."       "No."       "It's banana chocolate chip."     "No."

 This went on for 5 minuets. Meanwhile ludus  was laughing so hard he was choking.

Nothing like a bit of silliness to brighten up a day.

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