Monday, February 24, 2014

Range Report: Redundancy

Pretty sorry day at the range.  I arrived late in the day and only had time for the 50m.  On top of which . . .

The Brass Kings 55gr FMJ:
DRS FMJ1F 55gr. (new bag)
Precision Cartridge Range Pack 55gr. FMJ Reload

DRS FMJ1F 55gr. (old bag)
Aguilar (Mexican) FMJ 55gr.
TulAmmo (Russian Steel Case) 55gr. FMJ

PMC Bronze 55gr. FMJ

I don’t know how the hell that happened.  The last trip to the range, I had adjusted the sights for the Brass Kings in an attempt to zero it at 50m.  So I would have expected it to perform similarly today.  The only difference is that, in order to use my brass catcher, I had moved the holographic sight a couple of inches forward on the rail from where it had been.

Either way, the zero was way off, so I cranked in down and to the left:

Brown Bear (Russian bimetal) 62gr. HP:

CBC 62gr. FMJ:
Colt (zinc plated) 62gr. FMJ:

MFS Rem SP (zinc plated steel case) 62gr.
WPA (Russian) Military Classic 62gr. HP:
Barnaul (Russian steel case) FMJ “Boat Tail” 55gr.

I may have miscounted the MOA clicks down.

A couple of new rounds this time:  The Colt and the Barnaul.  Both show promise, at least above average performance for the day.  Overall, though, this was nothing to blog about.  I sucked more than usual.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you zeroing at 50 yards? Zero at 25 or 100 produce a flatter trajectory where your lethal hit zone is closer to the line of sight out to 300 meters.

How are you supporting the rifle?

For zeroing, you want to focus on the mechanical alignment of the sights to the barrel, eliminating as much of your personal error as possible. So, lots of bracing (sandbags, bipods, or even gun vises) are advisable.