Monday, February 24, 2014

Thoughts on Olympia

NBC: All gay, all the time.

So far, every episode of it's Olympic coverage has opened by reminding the audience of Russia's "human rights" record -- by which they mean exclusively its late prohibition on homosexual propaganda. What's especially jarring about this is that NBC has actively collaborated in Russia's whitewashing of its Communist past, calling its 72-year reign of terror a "grand experiment" during its opening-day montage, ignoring the gulags and famines. If anything, NBC's coverage has been less honest than Russia's opening ceremony, whose characterization of Stalinism focused on its industrialization, which is more or less true.

NBC's politicization is doubly ironic when you consider that we didn't see any of it in Beijing, notwithstanding that not only is China's own Communist history almost as bad, but its ongoing human rights record is far worse, its foreign policy more aggressive hostile, and its democratic institutions non-existent.

Faggotry destroys moral probity.

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Anonymous said...

As if the media elites ever had any probity.