Monday, September 01, 2014

Adventures in Charity

On Thursday, I received the following email from SumOfUs:

[Trigger warning: racist language]

GoFundMe, the world’s #1 personal fundraising site, is raising money for the cop who brutally shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. And worse, the fundraiser is celebrating the teenager's brutal death -- and GoFundMe is profiting from it. That's why we're partnering with ColorofChange on their campaign to stop this disgusting fundraiser immediately.

It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel:  the fundraiser isn’t celebrating anything, it’s raising money for the defense of Darren Wilson.  And GoFundMe is an open forum, allowing any fundraisers, including one for a Michael Brown memorial, on a non-discrimination basis.

Tell GoFundMe to delete its shameful fundraising page immediately and return the profits it made off Mike Brown's death.

The fundraiser for Darren Wilson, the officer responsible for killing Michael Brown, has already raised over $400,000 for his potential legal fees, relocation costs and living expenses. And now, donors are getting tax deductions for their donations, because a non-profit has stepped up to collect the donations.

I went to the GoFundMe homepage, where the Michael Brown Memorial is, as of this writing, prominently featured.


I did a search on Darren Wilson:


He’s not on the first page of results, though we have lots of other variations on “Darren”.

Let’s try adding the charitable organization doing the fundraising, Shield of Hope:


Wow, that’s discouraging.  Maybe searching on Ferguson, MO would find it.


Apparently, GoFundMe hosts a LOT of fundraisers in support of the anti-white protestors.  But does the Darren Wilson fundraiser really exist?  Let’s try Google:


Weirdly, the first Google link, and the only link to GoFundMe, is to the old, non-tax-deductible page.  The new page is here.  The old page linked to the new page on Thursday, but now doesn’t.  For this, I have no explanation.  I have added the new page link to the sidebar to replace the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund link.

Continuing with the SoU email:

The comments on the fundraising page are ultimate proof of why we have to stop this hateful effort now:

“I thank all Police…protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages."

“Let this ‘GoFundMe' serve as an example to all cops in America: The general public will support you, especially if you pull the trigger on violent criminal thugs.”

I assume that this is as racist as the comments ever got, else they would have used the more racist language.  But the comments seem to describe Michael Brown perfectly.

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