Thursday, September 04, 2014

Trannies Ruin Everything

This summer, for the first time, the changing room door at the base pool greeted me with the following sign:


So, apparently we’re supposed to wear clothes in the shower now.  Who does that?

Welcome to Tranny World!  Now that transsexuals are a protected class for federal employment, this the government’s way of addressing the expected situation when a man – you know, the kind with a penis – insists on using the women’s shower room because Diversity! and Tolerance!:  make everybody keep their clothes on.

As it happened, I ignored the sign, so far without repercussions.  I assume it will only be enforced when someone complains, like the restrictions on opposite-sex children in the changing rooms.

Parenthetically, I discovered that the women in my family don’t like gang showers.

But you get to shower with girls, I protested.  How cool is that!

Not very cool, it turned out.

I’ve never taken a poll of women’s locker rooms, but most of the men’s locker rooms at the gyms I’ve used have had gang showers.  These have been at high school, university, military bases, or municipal owned gyms.  Very few have been private chains, although I did happen to use an LA Fitness last year that had stalls.  My present base has two outdoor pools, one with gang showers, one with stalls, which is exceptional.  Most of the gyms have stalls available but my impression has been that these have been for intended for handicapped people.

I’ve been using gang showers since 9th grade in high school when the PE teacher told us we had to start taking showers.  Yes, it was weird, at first, but the awkwardness of adolescence was still fresh.  I assumed that self-consciousness around members of the same sex was something that everyone outgrew, but I don’t actually know (since it’s not something we talk about).  Do women tend to remain self-conscious around strangers?

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Dexter said...

So, apparently we’re supposed to wear clothes in the shower now. Who does that?

Asians. Apparently they are a tad self-conscious about their underendowment.