Saturday, September 04, 2021

More "Afghan Allies": Who were they again?

So, now there's this:

The Air Force recognizes the immediate need at OCONUS and CONUS locations for language capabilities in Afghan primary languages . . . . The Language Volunteer Self-Assessment is an opportunity for DAF Airmen and Guardians* to self-identify as proficient in theses specific regional languages. Although not guaranteed, please be aware that once self-identified, you may be recruited for available opportunities to use the indentified language skills in support of various organizations outside your primary mission.

A couple of obvious questions that should be asked (and of course never will be answered):

1. If the armed services had spare Afghan linguist capacity sitting around unused, why weren't they deployed in the AOR instead of having us incur untold liability for thousands of local interpreters?

2. Seeing as how the nominal primary beneficiaries of the evacuation we just conducted were said local interpreters, it would seem we should have ample linguist capacity among the 122K we just took in. So why are we are trying to draft service members into what is now just social work?

* "Guardians" being members of the new Space Force.

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